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Putting people at the heart of the learning experience, both educators and students is key in delivering engaging, inclusive and accessible resources. Knowledge transfer is all about communication, and using the right methods that is receptive to the audience. When building resources it’s important to understand the wrap-around, the interactions that support the experience which makes using the resource worthwhile. Giving the learner a reason for using it, as well as making it accessible and inclusive, using universal design principles to make sure all can engage. Getting the basics right can have more impact than making a fancy, all singing, all dancing resource. Combining my experience in design, photography, videography and eLearning allows me to bring all these elements together to develop innovative solutions, but also sometimes, simple solutions that are just as effective.

Students working on a project
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Guillermo Martin-Saiz, Lecturer in the study of Religion

We tell students that religion is a very big and complex picture, made of different pieces, of multiple colours, and we work together with students in order to assemble those pieces to get the full picture.

Dr Mara Nicosia, British Academy Newton International Fellow

If you come to study in this department, you will find a great community that will welcome you.

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Online MA in Catholic Theology

Online MA in Catholic Theology

Course development of 7 modules including, Catholic Theology: A Preliminary Tour, Catholic Social Thought, Trinity, Incarnation and Christology: High Medieval Franciscan Theology, Faith and Reason, The Theology of Thomas Aquinas, 20th Century Catholic Theology and Conceiving Change in Contemporary Catholicism. Materials were built within Blackboard Ultra
Case Study resource for Events Management Case Study resource for Events Management Case Study resource for Events Management

Case Study resource for Events Management

Five alumni discuss issues they have encountered with events they have run and how they solved them. Video content filmed and edited in-house and the resource built in Articulate Storyline, exported as a SCORM package and uploaded to Blackboard to record the quiz scores within the grade centre.

TEL it like it is newsletter

A monthly newsletter sent to academic staff to inform them of the latest developments in eLearning.

TEL it like it is newsletter

Food Safety and HACCP website

Food Safety and HACCP

A website site with inbuilt questions to guide learners through Food Safety and prepare them for an online test. Website developed using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap to W3C standards.
Members of the public tuck into food preparted from waste food at a Food Works pop-up cafe

the Business

Mock website that acts as a wrap-around for an authentic assessment where learners analyse the accounts of a company, based on real data. The website was built using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap to W3C standards.
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Douglas Davies, Professor in Theology and Religion

Religion is just one framework that shows how theories about life, link with ways of living.

Rachel Johnson, Assistant Professor in History

I look at the role young women had in the anti-apartheid liberation struggle, in particular, two young women who became activists in the 1970s.